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Employing single-molecule optical and AFM imaging and power-spectroscopy techniques, we request to unravel the mechanistic areas of the construction and dynamics of chromosomes. Our study pursuits include things like:

It was only from the 1990s while, when nanotechnology had State-of-the-art to your degree where by single molecules can be manipulated, that the initial experimental equipment began to seem.

Back in 1991, Sumio Iijima in the NEC Corporation had noted the synthesis of carbon nanotubes. Band construction calculations advised that these nanotubes could exhibit metallic band conduction. This might be a major benefit above the conducting polymers we had explored, which had been, actually, disordered semiconductors giving just variable-selection hopping conductivity.

A rhythmically pulsing leaf-spring DNA-origami nanoengine that drives a passive follower Mathias Centola

2012, discovery that nucleoid occlusion underlies the precision of bacterial cell division; and to start with ever analyze on the dynamics DNA supercoils and the discovery of supercoil hopping

Direct immobilization of indigenous yeast iso-one cytochrome c on bare gold: quickly electron relay to redox enzymes and zeptomole protein-movie voltammetry

MATLAB codes for knowledge processing are available at . Julia codes employed for numerical simulation can be found at .

Atomic drive microscopy shows that vaccinia topoisomerase IB generates filaments on DNA in the cooperative vogue

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‘The fantastically delicate way during which components in mother nature purpose never ever ceases to amaze me. If we remedy the puzzle of how lifetime came into being, I hope that my amazement for the complexity of development will have amplified and with it my awe for that greatness in the Creator.’

Due to the fact 2000 he moved to single-molecule biophysics and nanobiology, with investigate from reports of DNA loop extrusion and supercoiling to DNA translocation via nanopores. Extra just lately his research has centered on studying chromatin framework and mobile division with microorganisms on chip, while he can be attempting to in the long run Develop artificial cells from The underside up.

Meanwhile, to be sure continued aid, we have been displaying cees dekker the internet site devoid of types and JavaScript.

2008, first observation of protein-coated DNA translocation through nanopores; fixed the origin of your electrophoretic drive on DNA in nanopores; learned a big velocity enhance of microtubules in electrical fields; identified an anomalous electro-hydrodynamic orientation of microtubules; and settled the origin of noise in carbon nanotubes in liquid

It absolutely was a really appealing time, during which I acquired lots of aid from Delft College of Technological innovation, the place I used to be a professor at time, and I began several collaborations with molecular biologists. That assisted me understand a great deal.’

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